Front End Career

A career guide to Front End Developers

What every Software Developer needs to know

You need to know: nothing on this life is easy, but if do you keep your humility and open mind, the path is far less thorny.

You will not become the most incredible developer of the universe just reading this guide, but can go far if you follow the advice of good and experienced people (which may or may not have contributed here).

No one is better than you. People just have more experience, more so because the “be good” depends on the point of view.

You can’t build the most amazing code, performatic and scalable from day to night, but you can do it if you don’t give up.

Your life/health worth more than your profession. Try to take care, rest, relax. Try to live outside your job.

Although is good that you know, from beginning:

  • Clean Code
  • Your code will be criticized and there is no problem with that. Learn from criticism.
  • You need to enjoy on what you do, and one way to find out if it happens is analyzing if you like of what people that works with Front End, talks and do.
  • The promotion from Jr to Entry Level is more technical, the experience and the study must lead to a buildup and greater control of more and more technology, tools, procedures.
  • The promotion from Entry Level to Senior it is more posture, where the Programmer shall be regarded in fact as a professional, someone we know that we can spend a responsibility and rely on the result.

References about the promotions.

Choose your side

It is always difficult to guide Front End developers on which technologies should study, becouse the job market is completely crazy!

A possible separation for the responsibilities of the different Front End’s types are: Front End Engineer and Front End UI Developer, as discussed in this topic (pt-br) from forum Front End BR (pt-br) and this issue (pt-br) here on Front End Career.

But before choosing which way to follow (Computation or Design), you need to understand that you are a Developer!

So first learn what you need for the different professional levels to become a good Developer.

Developers, developers, developers, developers!

Then focus on a path:

On this link we have more Front End profiles, so you can see where you’re getting into! - It’s crazy.

Job web sites for Front End Developers

On this link you will find a list of some sites with vacancies in the area.

Keeping updated

Any good professional needs to keep updated on his area of work and on the job market, therefore I advise you to take a look at these links:

Remember there are not superheroes here, they are just ordinary people but they have a lot to add to your career. Use the media with them in a respectful and friendly way.

Disclaimer: Before start to follow these people, read this post (pt-br). This reading is important for you understand that these people are considered of strong expression in our area, however they can make mistakes and/or have divergent opinions of what is correct (just like all of us). So learn to think by yourself and the knowledge od these people as reference to shape yours and to reach your own conclusions.