Developer career levels


The young Padawan

You have the right to make mistakes and the duty to stay thirsty for knowledge!

In this level you don’t master any programming languages, tools, development environments, perhaps neither the operating system that you are working with. Easy… Focus on learning, take advices from those who have been longer on the area and try to absorb this knowledge.

You will make mistakes, lots of mistakes if you are proactive, but that’s not bad. Unless you make the same mistake every day. You can make these mistakes because you are trying… You are learning.

If you are not making mistakes is because you are trying too little. And, maybe, you are filling someone with questions, before you even start to think. Be careful with that attitude.

You need, not only in this level, to put aside the shame (or the pride) and ask. No one will send you away for wanting to learn.

In this level you still don’t master the art of delivering things quickly or estimating deadlines for the tasks.

It would be interesting if you have a mentor or something like that. It can be a person who inspires you to follow his/her steps to try to do the same, or someone with patience that helps you in the day to day.

When you earn enough XP, you will become Mid level!

“Mid level”

In a moment you become a master and will start to teach someone! =O

In this level you already can work very well on your own.

You have experience of 1/2 years or more as Junior (even less depending of your disposition and facility in learning) and already perform yours activities withou any help. Now you can also help others junior devs.

You are almost a master, so you are able to estimate deadlines for yours activities and deliver things faster, when you used to spend more time doing them before. Congratulations!

You should be capable to give your opinion to improve something that you work on, you can innovate bringing cool stuff to the work and continue thirsty for knowledge, not putting others opinions.

Maybe your can’t plan something big or build something from scratch on your own, but don’t be sad about it. Look for improvement and just keep swimming.

In this level, if you don’t give up on learning and practicing, you might be confused with a Senior (or Master) and that’s awesome! It’s a sign that you are learning a lot with time and getting really good.

Just don’t let this go to your head!

The Senior level is the one that demands more work and responsability and can be reached when you have between 4 and 6 years of experience. But don’t focus on the time, focus on the technical knowledge and other skills that you must have first.


Congratulions, you won many fights, earned many titles and now can be considered a Master

In this level you have a lot of experience with the programming languages that you use, with the tools, the development enviroment, operating system, etc.

Now you are capable of creating something from scratch and scaling it, on your own!

You have a good sense of deadlines and can specify that very well. You are also capable of coordinating a project, organizing a team, delegating taks, evaluating the tasks completed by other members and answering precisely to the client, manager and similars.

You, now, are able to train other professionals. You can direct and help them to accomplish their goals.

Know the Job Market and hire good professionals or refer them.

You can make more and more important decisions in a project.

Being a Senior is not just connected to the time that you’ve been working, but also to the knowledge you’ve acquired in that time and to your professional attitudes.

Now that you reached this level, it’s time to share your knowledge to become a real Developer Master!


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