Front-End Engineer: Career Levels

Junior Front End Engineer

Now, that you know which are your responsibilities as Junior Developer, it’s time to focus on technical requirements.

Requirements for Junior Front End Engineer:

  • HTML (code a basic structure, understand about semantic and accessibility)
  • CSS (“code” a layout, copy any website or simple component is a good indicator of your knowledge level)
  • Logic Programming(not come on tamper with depth in JavaScript before the learning logic!)
  • JavaScript (insert a script in one screen, using libs, create small things)
  • Tooling (you gonna need the something like GruntJS, GulpJS, NPM Scripts)
  • Dependency Management (eg: Bower and NPM)
  • The Basic responsive (learn do make a layout work in multiple devices)
  • Git (And know that Git and Github not are the same thing)

Depending the his zone/company where working you gonna need know both to handle like any edit image software (aka Photoshop). For know if really need, of a good search in vacancies local

Not run during the studies, a lot practice all the you learn until have courage in speak what know that!

Case you dominates already this things, you maybe already be a Mid Level Front End Engineer

Mid-level Front End Engineer

At this level you’ve mastered the technical requirements that a Junior knows that a Mid-level Front End Engineer needs and works with it for a while. Now you need things like:

  • Scalability
  • Maintainability
  • Design Patterns applied to JavaScript and CSS
  • Understand/Work with Frameworks CSS e JS
  • CSS Preprocessors (please!)
  • Template Engines HTML (see here, here and here)
  • Understand Programming Paradigms (OOP, functional, etc)
  • Serve multiple browsers and their differences
  • Create a development environment or Boilerplate to start their projects easily
  • Master your working tools (Editor, S.O., etc)
  • Performance (Both the JavaScript, as the CSS, yes do CSS)
  • SEO (HTML structure, solve the list of PageSpeed,

Case you dominates already this things, you maybe already be a Senior.

Senior Front End Engineer

At this level you already mastered the techinal requirements of previous levels, knows everything a Senior developer needs to and stuff like:

  • Mastered Programming paradigms and JavaScript good practices
  • May or may not know more than one programming language
  • Is able to create a 100% JavaScript application
  • May talk on equal terms with Back End Developer
  • Mastered Design Patterns
  • Mastered CSS pre-processors and methodologies (like BEM, SMACSS, Atomic and others) and the best practices
  • Mastered Front End Performance
  • May know how to do Continuous Integration or at least know what is
  • Mastered some workflows with Git
  • Maybe you’ve mastered JavaScript in a level that you’re already creating NodeJS modules
  • Knows how to do TDD or at least know what it is
  • You understand the costs ($$$) of Front End (Architecture, the problems that a bad interface may generate for a company, etc)
  • At this point you should already know about Generators and how to create them
  • Knowing about about Docker, AWS and something about infrastructure will be an extra


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